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You kept asking us, If I shop from, how will my package arrive. Well we got our warehouse team together to click some pictures of actual packages that were shipped over the last week so you can see how your order will arrive. 
We have partnered with world class shippers Fedex,UPS,USPS and BlueDart & Aramex. Through an efficient & connected network, your package will arrive to you in a Fedex/UPS padded package. There would be no indication outside about the contents of the package. The shipping label will say as shipped by & from 'Shipping Department, Happy Birds Inc, Florida/Georgia USA' so there will be no mention of the site or the company Besharam. Rest assured your concerns are our concerns, so you can relax and shop at ease, we got your back.
While we don't have the picture of the delivery guy who will show up at your door (dont worry he will be in Bluedart uniform and not Besharam outfit) and yeah don't expect Sunny Leone to come in either (you can see more of her on our facebook page and youtube page) but we can assure you that Mr courier guy will be well behaved, will hand your package to you professionally and he will have no idea how super precious and super awesome its contents have been.
Do share your feedback and thoughts after the packages are received. We look at continuously improving our standards and being of better service to you as we can.




We hear many of you have questions and concerns on the legality of purchasing 'certain' products
on our site, and if it can or may cause any trouble or embarrassment to you.
Well let us set the record straight. We will line up your concerns one by one and answer them to our
best knowledge. Note: our knowledge has been arrived at after consulting two extremely experienced
lawyers in Mumbai, a customs consultant and a highly qualified tax professional/CPA in Delhi.


First, let us address the fact that we DO NOT sell any sex toys. What we sell is a classy collection of products that can be used by adults for pleasure & relief, either in person or with their partner. A bunch of products that we carry in the Adult category section are merely household electronics that are used by adults for performing various functions like neck massage, head massage, ear massage, feet massage, back massage and hand massage. The shape and forms of some of these products are made to serve a dual purpose and adults derive pleasure by using them in multiple applications that they like or choose to. That products is not considered a SEX TOY. It is merely a multiple application apparatus. We have carefully selected the products that actually get classified under this category.
Explanation: Under the Indian Penal Code, 1860, Section 292 prohibits the sale of obscene objects. A magazine with nude pictures of women will be considered obscene and so will a DVD which has a XXX movie in it. However a lingerie packaging which has a model who is posing the lingerie that is inside it, is not the objective product but the lingerie is and as long as the picture of the model is NOT lascivious and shows NO nudity, it is not considered obscene under the rule of law. We have researched the Indian Laws and the import & export rules and regulations for a substantial amount of time to finalize what products are eligible to be imported into India. After careful consideration of all factors, we have showcased ONLY those products in our store ( that are fully compliant with the import-export rules in India. We take full responsibility of the products we sell, so you, the customer does not have to worry about it after having placed the order online. We export our products from US, import them ourselves in India, pay import duties & taxes and clear customs, and bring your package to your door.
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To ensure your privacy we import them in our Indian entity name, so your information is NOT disclosed at time of import. We handle and take care of the complete logistics cycle, so after you have made the purchase, you can relax and plan your event, while we go to work and make sure your order is packaged securely, shipped reliably, handled discreetly and delivered timely.
The price of the product you see on our site includes all duties & taxes that needs to be paid, upon import and distribution, to the Indian government. About 50% of the product price goes towards customs & import taxes, brokerage fees, distribution charges, storage fees, local taxes which may include Octroi etc depending on your local destination. There are NO sales taxes owed, since you have ordered them online from a US company. 
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We have a custom logistics process in place for our customers in India and around the world. Because we understand your need for privacy, we put an extra effort to ensure that your order is packaged securely, shipped reliably, handled discreetly and delivered timely. If you prefer the package not arrive at your house or work, you can choose to have it wait for you at the closest courier company's local office. We can make that happen when you make the appropriate selection in the shopping cart before checkout.   We have partnered with world class shippers Fedex,UPS,USPS and BlueDart & Aramex. Through an efficient & connected network, your package will arrive to you in a Fedex/UPS padded package. There would be no indication outside about the contents of the package. The shipping label will say as shipped by & from 'Shipping Department, Happy Birds Inc, Florida/Georgia USA' so there will be no mention of the site or the company Besharam. Rest assured your concerns are our concerns, so you can relax and shop at ease, we got your back.
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Our site uses 128 bit SSL certification and is Level 1 PCI compliant which means your card information is encrypted & secure and never stored on our server. We host our website on Shopify's (About shopify: ( ) which is one of North America's largest and trusted ecommerce solution for over 60,000 merchants worldwide. They use the highest level of security in the shopping a cart which is used to process millions of dollars of sales every month through their network. Here is a link to their website and security details.
We have partnered with one of world's largest payment processors called FIRST-DATA (America's largest merchant processor processing over $200billion every month) for our merchant account processing which allows us to accept payment in Indian Rupees thereby you dont have to pay any conversion fees. The name you will see on your statements will say 'Happy Birds Inc'
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We have encountered several instances where a payment has not gone through at the checkout stage. Before we address and share the alternate payment options, we want to make sure of a few things that you have already checked-
1. That your card is a DEBIT or CREDIT CARD with a VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS logo on it.
2. That your card has an expiration date and that it has NOT expired yet
3. That your card has a CVV code in the back (three digits for VISA/MASTER) and 4 digits in the front for AMEX
4. That you have available credit /funds in your account to make that purchase
5. And lastly if you have a CARD that says INTERNATIONAL , use that FIRST. However if all above fails, you can make a payment using NETBANKING (
instructions here) or by purchasing a E-Giftcard fromGiftCardsIndia and using that to pay for your order on our store. The gift cards never expire, can be regifted and the best part about this is that you do not leave any trace on our site and your financial transaction is happening with a normal Departmental store type Indian entity. We plan to add a network of various other payment options shortly including Suvidha and ItzCash. Sign up on our Facebook page to stay updated with these announcements. For more information Click here




We asked this to our facebook fans and all of they voted hands down - Sunny Leone. While Ranbir Kapoor is the hot favorite of Bollywood and is definitely setting female hearts to skip a beat with his smashing good looks, its Sunny that stole the hearts and of course many other parts of the male audience. She apparently is still the favorite muse of all online, print and TV media, where they discuss everything about her from when she lands in Mumbai to what she wore on Tuesday to the recent news where her husband who is now making his Bollywood entry. Obviously we all are wanting and panting for her (not that obviously) and it sure does catch our eye when we see a mention of Sunny. So much so that a 'sunny side up' is a slang to say she has got big knockers in the urban circle. Predicting the mass curiosity about Sunny in India, the founders of signed her to be the face of the brand of Besharam, India's #1 Adult Lifestyle Webstore. Now that the site has gone live, you will get to check out some of the most innovative products for couples and single folks to use behind closed bedroom doors to enhance the pleasure of love making and to bring their fantasies to life. See Sunny in the Besharam commercial and the new too hot for TV commercial - Indian Bachelor Party gone Wild!
While Sunny is busy busy in bollywood making more movies that she did in her 10year adult business career, nobody could have imagined what fate had in plan for her. She managed to enthrall Indian TV audience so immensely that it catapulted her to the #1 searched person in 2012 in India (as reported by Google India). She has handled her career very well, in face of extreme criticism and harsh prejudgement by several voices in India, she is still here going strong and doing well. Extremely well managed Bollywood PR wink wink Daniel Weber.
And Ranbir..Oh the charming, down to earth, very versatile and an extremely good looking person both inside and out, he is currently riding the waves of popularity both in India and overseas. His acting, choice of movies, dancing and on screen personna is something every girl desires for and every guy aspires for. He is here to stay, and definitely holding his own very well in front of the rigid Khan trio who already have a die hard fan following in India and abroad. Now with his new movie, Besharam, he is cast as a wacky, streetsmart, shameless but a hero inside type cool dude. The director Abhinav Kashyap has come up with a great plan and script for Besharam, the trailer which just released world wide also caused quite a stir amongst Ranbir Kapoor's fan following. The movie also stars Pallavi Sharda and is set to release on Oct,2 2013. Is that Gandhi Jayanti? Well the message is loud and clear. Gandhiji fought for freedom, and Besharam means being FREE, being REAL and being yourself, no matter what anybody thinks or has to say.
Cheers to another fellow Besharam.



Well as many find out now, they do and that is the brand/title they are associated with - BESHARAM. Besharam is the name of a Online Adult Lifestyle Webstore based in US and aimed at Indian audiences worldwide (pretty neat you'd think, Besharam is what a Besharam does) with Sunny Leone as the face of the brand and Besharam is also the name of the new movie that stars Ranbir Kapoor and Pallavi Shardha along with Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, directed by Abhinav Kashyap, who had earlier directed Dabang which became a sleeper blockbuster. 
This news of a conflict of audience came as a shock to some and a surprise to some, while others like us chuckled as to whats the big deal? We all are Besharam's , just nobody speaks about it out there, how else do you explain the 1.3 billion population. We all have a favorite past time and not many people are willing to renounce that pleasure for other worldly achievements. So why this big noise?
A silly oversight by the news media that broke this news which claims that it was shocked to see this happen and that Besharam the website is stealing the thunder of Besharam the movie, here is some food for thought. 
First see attached link: you broke the news last August same time that Sunny is very excited about her new endorsement and cant wait for it to go LIVE.
Second, Besharam brand was conceptualized in 2010 in the US and is a trademark owner under multiple classes in the US including online retail, movie, film and entertainment. The domain was registered much before the movie name Besharam was announced and the marketing for Besharam, the web store had already commenced in Feb'2012 when the producers of Besharam were fighting over rights over the movie. The facebook page has about 150k fans, and its youtube channel has over 400k views So technically, factually and obviously, what you claim is quite incorrect and a disservice to your audience.
Third, we are very delighted you decided to feature our co-incidences, but you may want to get your facts right. It just requires you to click a few buttons, read some articles, check out the social networks and contact a reliable source to get the facts, after that you do what you are good at. We would love to see more of freedom of press, but only if it is to impress.
Here is the link to that news article and also attached is a snapshot of the same article in print.




Panty’s!!!…….WOW Guys relax I have just started and mostly this blog is for women. All the beautiful, Bold, Confident women of the world, Lingerie’s tells a lot about who you are. They make statements for you when you don’t talk. Countless choices are available today ranging from conservative briefs to G-Strings. Most women don’t know what Lingerie to wear and when to wear them. Let’s try and break it down for you today-
·       Granny Panty- Who asked this…GET OUT and don’t come back…
·       Briefs- Alright now we are talking. Briefs have full coverage in the rear and rise up to the waist just below the navel. They are popular every day wear Lingerie. These can be boring but if you choose right colours and wear them sensibly, they surely bring comfort to your crotch area. These can be worn under Jeans, salwaars, shorts etc.
·       Hipsters- Hipsters are sometimes mistaken as briefs. Hipsters have a waistband around the Hips and are worn lower down the body. They are categorized as mid coverage panty but the legs are cut like briefs. They are perfect to wear with low cut jeans and for girls who think comfort first, these are for you.
·       Bikini- These always make a guy’s eyes pop. They sit at hip level and the sides are cut narrower. These are most widely worn style by women worldwide. Some bikini sides have strings mostly to worn on beaches, swimsuits or for the passionate night. These are very comfortable for daily wear. The front triangle covers everything important and a bit more. These can be worn mostly under everything except dresses or sheerer fabric pants to avoid visible Panty Lines.
·       Boy Shorts- These add flexibility to your lingerie and can be worn all day every day. These are sexy and stylish at the same time. Boy shorts are generally made seamless with microfiber material eliminating any chances of visible Panty Lines. These cheeky shorts are rapidly growing in popularity and women who don’t prefer G-Strings choose Boy shorts. They can be worn under dresses, tight fitting pants, Skirts etc. These are ultra-sexy and can also be worn as lounge or intimate wear.
·       Thongs- These give you a sleek appearance and are meant for women of all sizes. The back is ‘V’ shape at the waistband and narrower to the crotch area. The cheeks of your bottom are exposed but not fully. They leave something for your imagination. Thongs are gaining a lot of popularity as a style of intimate clothing but they are also comfortable and can be worn under pants, skirts, sheer fabrics, dresses etc. as the chances of Panty Lines are minimal. Reserve at least one day of the week for thongs and trust me it will be worth it.
·       G-Strings- If Bikini’s and Thongs make a Guys eyes Pop than a G string is surely to make his eye balls fall to the ground. A thong has a narrow strip attached to the waistband and has no rear coverage. Your buttocks are exposed and nothing is left to the imagination. They give the word sexy a new level. The front area is similar to the thong. They are most popular style of intimate clothing but very few women know that they are actually a perfect choice for Tight Fit dresses, Office trousers, pants, skirts etc. Since panty lines is not visible so the surely keep the perverts away. is open 24/7 and 365 days to let you shop your hearts out. Shopping Lingerie is never been easier and you can do it at the convenience of your home and we promise to bring them to you in a discreetly packed package. You are worried about sizes you asked? Girls we are with you on this, although a size-chart area is available on the site but still we exchange them for you for FREE if there is an issue with the size. So no shopkeeper is giving you weird expressions now and there is nothing embarrassing in buying something sexy as takes care of all your worries and gives personal shopping a new perspective. So Girls Go explore all the styles and experiences and Be You, Be Bold Be Confident and most important Be Besharam!!!  - Contributed by Money Singh


Sunny leone, which suddenly became a household name a year back from being a Porn Star. Well not just a Porn Star, not many people knew she was a business women as well and a rather good one. It took balls to get a big company like Vivid Entertainment to bring them to her terms. (Balls are metaphorical; you know what I am talking about Honka Honka…wink wink).  Let’s get to know her better. Roll the clip…
Sunny Leone (Karenjit Kaur Vohra) was born in a Sikh family and is considered to be the biggest PornStar of Indian descent. Sunny was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003 and was a contract star for Vivid Entertainment. Leone was a name given by Vivid Entertainment’s founder. Her parents enrolled her in a catholic school where she had her first kiss at 11, found out she was bisexual at 18 and lost her virginity to a basketball player at 16. Sounds exciting, get your popcorns ready.
She was destined for bigger things, started her career by working in a bakery, who would not want to eat cupcakes from her hand but that was not enough She was studying to be a pediatric nurse when a friend introduced her to an agent, who introduced her to a photographer for Penthouse. God Bless her friend!!! Sunny became popular instantly and soon entered Adult Porn industry largely for money. Success came quickly there too, all thanks to you guys and she became a brand, A brand that had power and authority which inspired her to start her own production company called SunLust Pictures.   
SunLust was started with her husband Daniel Weber, a musician. Toot Gae Dil…..YES she is married. Everything was going smooth and she was happy with her career but kahani mein twist aya when Bigg Boss producer’s approached her to be a part of their show. I want to KISS them for doing so!!!. She was shocked and amazed. She said NO straight away thinking of radicalists in INDIA but the show producers kept pushing (mehanti log), and to shut them down she gave them a big number which she thought she will never get but Indians kis se kam hain, they agreed to the number and this is when a new chapter in Sunny’s life was written. She became an apple of everyone’s eyes in INDIA, She was cute, adorable and a genuine human being. People saw the real her and started relating themselves to her and wanted to know her better. It was this fact that sunny became Google’s #1 searched personality, her website was facing huge traffic and she was the talk of the town.
Everyone wanted to know her, talk to her and many other things. (Ahem Ahem public audience wala blog ha Ya…) Mahesh Bhatt saw the potential or rather wanted to use her fame to market his movie named Jism2, came especially to the show to sign her up. Whatever it might be humara toh fayda hi hua. We got to see her in the big screen where other big things were looking even bigger and better. Now she has a list of movies in Pipeline and is super busy in her Bollywood career. She did an Item number too, 'Laila teri le legi' but it was nice to feel the emotion in a song.
The founders of Besharam, Raj & Salim acted on their instincts when they saw the shift in public opinion and the resposnse Sunny Leone received during BigBoss. They immediately called and met with the husband and wife team of Sunny & Daniel, struck a deal, quicte a hefty one, to have Sunny be the face of Besharam, India’s first adult lifestyle webstore.
Two glamorous all day video and photo shoots later, with a crew of 10+ in a upscale mansion in Los Angeles, Sunny Leone was ready on tape to not only announce to the world, I'm Besharam, you know you are too, but also to record her LAST adult full length feature before her big move to Bollywood. Now that you have seen her on, look forward to some more fun, exciting and besharam times as we move along to bring the amazing world of adult desires, pleasures and fantasies right to your door.
We are Besharam and we know you are too!



First the Basics:
Good News - We have recently upgraded our logistics and now are able to offer you 6 convenient payment options including a 100% RISK-FREE COD option. We take responsibility of International Shipping as well as Customs Clearance so your order arrives at your door, without you having to worry about anything. Just make the payment and relax, we take it from there
This is the First time in India that a US based company,, is able to offer COD service to its customers in India. It is a unique and custom logistic setup done in partnership with Fedex and BlueDart. Due to the complexities of the cross border setup , this service costs an additional charges, billed as 'convenience fees' on top of the total value of your order. These are paid to Fedex and BlueDart respectively for providing the Risk-Free convenience of International COD facility. To eliminate the risks of fraudulent COD orders, we require these fees to be paid upfront before we can process your order. This is necessary to reduce false orders and to avoid two way shipping charges that they could incur.


The convenience fees are calculated at 10% of the order value and due at time of placing the order.
For Example: If the total of your order in the shopping cart is Rs2100, the COD convenience fees will be Rs210 which brings your order total to Rs2310. Of this total of Rs2310 you have to pay upfront Rs210 either via a debit/credit card payment or an offline payment made to/at ICICI bank. After receipt of that deposit payment, we ship out your order. Upon arrival of your order you will be informed by a courier service manager to have the balance ready before they come to deliver your order. At time of delivery you have to pay the courier service only Rs2100 (which is the total of your original order) as the balance for full and final payment towards your order.


1.The minimum value of your order has to be Rs500
2.Proceed with your order through the cart, At the checkout page 'Stage II', select COD as the shipping option and COD as payment option as well. You can select COD with FREE Shiping, Express Shipping (+Rs599) or Super Express Shipping (+Rs3000)
3.After that confirm your order. You will be redirected the order confirmation page where the COD convenience fees is automatically calculated. Enter your mobile number and proceed to next page to make a payment towards that convenience fees.
4.After you make the payment with a Debit/Credit card or Netbanking, You are done. Just make sure to create your account at this stage so you can track your orders and lookup your account anytime in the future.
5.You will get an auto-confirmation email shortly which will have details of your order. And after you have made the upfront payment, your order is marked as partially paid and sent for processing to the warehouse.
6.You will get a shipment confirmation email (usually under 3-5days) when the order leaves US warehouse with tracking information to track your order all the way from US to your final destination.
7.When the order arrives in your city, the courier service will contact you on your mobile phone to schedule a delivery time so you can be prepared and collect your package by paying the balance amount (Order total only). We can only accept CASH at Delivery. No Checks Please.
8.After you have paid the balance, your order is considered paid in full and completed. Relax & Enjoy !
If you need to reach us during any stage of this process, please do so by contacting us via LIVE CHAT, Email or requesting a CALL BACK between the hours of 10am and 10pm IST.