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GOSF Great Online Shopping Festival - India 2014
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The Great Online Shopping Festival for 2014 is finally here, and has lined up THREE unbelievable offers for our online shoppers in India. Go ahead and share this video, your friends will love you for that.
Day1- Buy Men's Undergarments for Rs 299, The brands are BlueLine Men and Hustler & we have about 3000 in stock
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Day3 - Buy International Brand Condoms for ONLY Rs 9, Thats crazy isnt it..Never heard of before.. but yeah, we have almost 10,000 in stock and these are the Trojan and Durex brands
These deals have been exclusively marked down for GOSF 2014 and they will last only for three days - Dec10-Dec12,2014. Click below and Shop NOW for the best deals in Mens Undergarments, Woman's Lingerie and International Brand of Condoms @
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10 Things You Should Avoid Before Sex

While it looks like a fairly simple process, C’mon how complicated can it be if your grandfather could do it without a manual; Sexual Intercourse has often befuddled the greatest of minds. Befuddled, yes, I had to use a big word randomly to convince you of the credibility of this article.

So, sex. While you may find a bra-zillion (Get it?) articles on the internet about making your sex life only next best to Adonis and Venus after a year-long dry spell, there are rarely any that prepare you for the crucial build up to getting laid. There may be a million ways to please a woman and keep her at it, but these ten things are surely to lead to an anti-climax. (Not to be confused with aunty-climax, whatever your age preference might be.)

Worst first date ideas

Worst first date ideas
If you have reached this article by via Google, then you are already in a precarious position. Irrespective of anything, expecting an article to give you suggestions for your first date, is quite lame in itself. Despite that, here are a few howlers you should avoid.

1. Friend’s birthday party- The last place you should go on your first date. Nothing is a worse idea to break the ice with your first date than making her do it with 5 other strangers.

2. Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag- No occasion should demand such cruelty.
3. Google Hangout- Technology is replacing experiences in person, but a Google Hangout is a sure shot bullet to the head.
4. Football match with Beer and Tandoori Chicken- Because nothing spells doom better than your onion breath next to a girl frantically searching for ways to escape.
5. A Stroll In the Park- Unless you are 15. Or 65.
6. Your House- The classic line of " Your place or mine" works only in Bond movies. Unless you are the Prince of Jordan, this wouldn't work.
7. Her house- Did you not read the previous point?
8. To a Club- One usually goes to a club to puck up chicks. Taking your first date there is Hara Kiri. There is barely anyone who can maintain a sane conversation over blaring lyrics of Hookah Bar!
9. Anything to do with Friends- While you would eventually like her to have a good compatibility with your friends, the first date must be exclusive and personal.
10. Your Office- A strict no. Unless you are the CEO of Google. In which case, you wouldn't be reading this.

10 Things You Did In Your Teens

10 Things You Did In Your Teens
If your teenage was spent rummaging through copies of Mastaram and waiting for the late night edition of Just Mohabbat, then you have come to the right place. If you conveniently swapped through channels while catching glimpses of Midnight Hot on FTV at 9.30 pm, then there are 69% chances that you have done some/all of the below mentioned things.

1. Getting Adult CDs Delivered in Books - Remember the time when you had just dived into the vast and beautiful world of pornography? If you are a 90s kid in India, there sure was no way to stream that over internet. Here comes that one friend to the rescue, we all had. Borrow a book from him and he’d be surely slipping in that precious CD of soft porn in it.

2. Strategic Placement of Channels - There wasn’t a better way to explain ‘a narrow escape’, than when your dad is about to walk in on you watching Baywatch, but you manage to switch channels at the right moment. The strategic nestling of the FTVs and English Movie Channels- between an Astha TV and Discovery, is something we have all done as teens!

3. Fraandship Request - What was it before these suave moves to take her out for a dinner or a movie? Dress up in your best clothes, try to look cool while doing so, and approach the girl with a lot of courage and ask her to be friends with you.

4. Watercooler by the Stairs - If you didn’t spend some of your school days along the watercooler, waiting aimlessly for an extra glass of water as the ladies took the stairs- you are a nerd. The boring kind.

5. Fantasize About School Teacher - C’mon we have all done it!

6. Discussed The Menstrual Cycle at Length - The only thing more complicated that figuring out how the mentstrual cycles worked in women, is betting money on Dhoni’s overseas form. Only Ramanujam is known to have understood the concept at the first go.

7. Copied a Movie Star’s Hair Style - From John Abraham’s macho look to Shah Rukh Khan’s boy-next-door avatar. We have tried it all in our teens!

8. Used a Movie Dialogue to Impress a Girl - “Hi. I am Rahul. Naam to suna hoga!”- Enough said. (Replace Rahul with your name, and in case your name is derived from a flower, God or dance form- reduce it by half the letters and add an ‘s’”. Like a Champalal Yadav must have said –“ Hi. I am Champs. Naam to suna hoga!”.

9. The First Experience of Buying Condoms - It is very difficult to forget that first experience of buying a condom. 100 bucks says that you bought 5 other absolutely unrequired things from the chemist before you quickly asked him to slip a packet of condoms in! And the fact that you skipped 5 medical shops to go to the one, where you were absolutely sure there was no chance of bumping into someone you knew!

10. The ‘Non-Veg’ Forward - How adult jokes got slotted in the category of Non-Veg Humour, we will never know! But we are all guilty of forwarding an adult joke, we lifted from a website( waiting for the porn to load) or a magazine ( at the hair dresser’s). Which one was your favorite? Now, it’s your turn to pass this article around like one.

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You kept asking us, If I shop from, how will my package arrive. Well we got our warehouse team together to click some pictures of actual packages that were shipped over the last week so you can see how your order will arrive. 
We have partnered with world class shippers Fedex,UPS,USPS and BlueDart & Aramex. Through an efficient & connected network, your package will arrive to you in a Fedex/UPS padded package. There would be no indication outside about the contents of the package. The shipping label will say as shipped by & from 'Shipping Department, Happy Birds Inc, Florida/Georgia USA' so there will be no mention of the site or the company Besharam. Rest assured your concerns are our concerns, so you can relax and shop at ease, we got your back.
While we don't have the picture of the delivery guy who will show up at your door (dont worry he will be in Bluedart uniform and not Besharam outfit) and yeah don't expect Sunny Leone to come in either (you can see more of her on our facebook page and youtube page) but we can assure you that Mr courier guy will be well behaved, will hand your package to you professionally and he will have no idea how super precious and super awesome its contents have been.
Do share your feedback and thoughts after the packages are received. We look at continuously improving our standards and being of better service to you as we can.




We hear many of you have questions and concerns on the legality of purchasing 'certain' products
on our site, and if it can or may cause any trouble or embarrassment to you.
Well let us set the record straight. We will line up your concerns one by one and answer them to our
best knowledge. Note: our knowledge has been arrived at after consulting two extremely experienced
lawyers in Mumbai, a customs consultant and a highly qualified tax professional/CPA in Delhi.


First, let us address the fact that we DO NOT sell any sex toys. What we sell is a classy collection of products that can be used by adults for pleasure & relief, either in person or with their partner. A bunch of products that we carry in the Adult category section are merely household electronics that are used by adults for performing various functions like neck massage, head massage, ear massage, feet massage, back massage and hand massage. The shape and forms of some of these products are made to serve a dual purpose and adults derive pleasure by using them in multiple applications that they like or choose to. That products is not considered a SEX TOY. It is merely a multiple application apparatus. We have carefully selected the products that actually get classified under this category.
Explanation: Under the Indian Penal Code, 1860, Section 292 prohibits the sale of obscene objects. A magazine with nude pictures of women will be considered obscene and so will a DVD which has a XXX movie in it. However a lingerie packaging which has a model who is posing the lingerie that is inside it, is not the objective product but the lingerie is and as long as the picture of the model is NOT lascivious and shows NO nudity, it is not considered obscene under the rule of law. We have researched the Indian Laws and the import & export rules and regulations for a substantial amount of time to finalize what products are eligible to be imported into India. After careful consideration of all factors, we have showcased ONLY those products in our store ( that are fully compliant with the import-export rules in India. We take full responsibility of the products we sell, so you, the customer does not have to worry about it after having placed the order online. We export our products from US, import them ourselves in India, pay import duties & taxes and clear customs, and bring your package to your door.
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To ensure your privacy we import them in our Indian entity name, so your information is NOT disclosed at time of import. We handle and take care of the complete logistics cycle, so after you have made the purchase, you can relax and plan your event, while we go to work and make sure your order is packaged securely, shipped reliably, handled discreetly and delivered timely.
The price of the product you see on our site includes all duties & taxes that needs to be paid, upon import and distribution, to the Indian government. About 50% of the product price goes towards customs & import taxes, brokerage fees, distribution charges, storage fees, local taxes which may include Octroi etc depending on your local destination. There are NO sales taxes owed, since you have ordered them online from a US company. 
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We have a custom logistics process in place for our customers in India and around the world. Because we understand your need for privacy, we put an extra effort to ensure that your order is packaged securely, shipped reliably, handled discreetly and delivered timely. If you prefer the package not arrive at your house or work, you can choose to have it wait for you at the closest courier company's local office. We can make that happen when you make the appropriate selection in the shopping cart before checkout.   We have partnered with world class shippers Fedex,UPS,USPS and BlueDart & Aramex. Through an efficient & connected network, your package will arrive to you in a Fedex/UPS padded package. There would be no indication outside about the contents of the package. The shipping label will say as shipped by & from 'Shipping Department, Happy Birds Inc, Florida/Georgia USA' so there will be no mention of the site or the company Besharam. Rest assured your concerns are our concerns, so you can relax and shop at ease, we got your back.
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Our site uses 128 bit SSL certification and is Level 1 PCI compliant which means your card information is encrypted & secure and never stored on our server. We host our website on Shopify's (About shopify: ( ) which is one of North America's largest and trusted ecommerce solution for over 60,000 merchants worldwide. They use the highest level of security in the shopping a cart which is used to process millions of dollars of sales every month through their network. Here is a link to their website and security details.
We have partnered with one of world's largest payment processors called FIRST-DATA (America's largest merchant processor processing over $200billion every month) for our merchant account processing which allows us to accept payment in Indian Rupees thereby you dont have to pay any conversion fees. The name you will see on your statements will say 'Happy Birds Inc'
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We have encountered several instances where a payment has not gone through at the checkout stage. Before we address and share the alternate payment options, we want to make sure of a few things that you have already checked-
1. That your card is a DEBIT or CREDIT CARD with a VISA/MASTERCARD/AMERICAN EXPRESS logo on it.
2. That your card has an expiration date and that it has NOT expired yet
3. That your card has a CVV code in the back (three digits for VISA/MASTER) and 4 digits in the front for AMEX
4. That you have available credit /funds in your account to make that purchase
5. And lastly if you have a CARD that says INTERNATIONAL , use that FIRST. However if all above fails, you can make a payment using NETBANKING (
instructions here) or by purchasing a E-Giftcard fromGiftCardsIndia and using that to pay for your order on our store. The gift cards never expire, can be regifted and the best part about this is that you do not leave any trace on our site and your financial transaction is happening with a normal Departmental store type Indian entity. We plan to add a network of various other payment options shortly including Suvidha and ItzCash. Sign up on our Facebook page to stay updated with these announcements. For more information Click here




We asked this to our facebook fans and all of they voted hands down - Sunny Leone. While Ranbir Kapoor is the hot favorite of Bollywood and is definitely setting female hearts to skip a beat with his smashing good looks, its Sunny that stole the hearts and of course many other parts of the male audience. She apparently is still the favorite muse of all online, print and TV media, where they discuss everything about her from when she lands in Mumbai to what she wore on Tuesday to the recent news where her husband who is now making his Bollywood entry. Obviously we all are wanting and panting for her (not that obviously) and it sure does catch our eye when we see a mention of Sunny. So much so that a 'sunny side up' is a slang to say she has got big knockers in the urban circle. Predicting the mass curiosity about Sunny in India, the founders of signed her to be the face of the brand of Besharam, India's #1 Adult Lifestyle Webstore. Now that the site has gone live, you will get to check out some of the most innovative products for couples and single folks to use behind closed bedroom doors to enhance the pleasure of love making and to bring their fantasies to life. See Sunny in the Besharam commercial and the new too hot for TV commercial - Indian Bachelor Party gone Wild!
While Sunny is busy busy in bollywood making more movies that she did in her 10year adult business career, nobody could have imagined what fate had in plan for her. She managed to enthrall Indian TV audience so immensely that it catapulted her to the #1 searched person in 2012 in India (as reported by Google India). She has handled her career very well, in face of extreme criticism and harsh prejudgement by several voices in India, she is still here going strong and doing well. Extremely well managed Bollywood PR wink wink Daniel Weber.
And Ranbir..Oh the charming, down to earth, very versatile and an extremely good looking person both inside and out, he is currently riding the waves of popularity both in India and overseas. His acting, choice of movies, dancing and on screen personna is something every girl desires for and every guy aspires for. He is here to stay, and definitely holding his own very well in front of the rigid Khan trio who already have a die hard fan following in India and abroad. Now with his new movie, Besharam, he is cast as a wacky, streetsmart, shameless but a hero inside type cool dude. The director Abhinav Kashyap has come up with a great plan and script for Besharam, the trailer which just released world wide also caused quite a stir amongst Ranbir Kapoor's fan following. The movie also stars Pallavi Sharda and is set to release on Oct,2 2013. Is that Gandhi Jayanti? Well the message is loud and clear. Gandhiji fought for freedom, and Besharam means being FREE, being REAL and being yourself, no matter what anybody thinks or has to say.
Cheers to another fellow Besharam.